Friday, 19 September 2014


1. What I have learned about conventions and gender representation from my research, when we was making our album covers we got shown a tv series about Hip Hop Honeys on BBC three. Once we had watched it I realised about the diffrent way people are represented through out the music industry. On an album cover there must be certain things that are needed to make it look good. It needs a title usually at the top of the album but sometimes it is put at the bottom or going up the side this makes it stand out. On rare occasions the name of the album is named after on on the songs on the cd this is because it might inspire the artist or mean something to him. Album covers usually have a picture of the artist on the front so people know who the artist of the cd is.This could be at the bottom of the album cover or at the top as long as the customer can see it, it shows that the album is all about them on other album covers they might place a picture of another country or theme which will show that the album is based around them. The name of the album should be bold or large text this is so that it will stand out from the rest of the cover this is because then it is easier for the customer will know straight away who the artist is. On album covers there should be copyright symbol this is because then no one can copy anything on the album. For example any of the songs on the cd. For example on the album cover below the text is bold and stands out from the black background. The artist is also wearing all red which links in with the font colour. It also has the parental advisory at the bottom left corner this is showing that there is rude language involves in some of the songs on it. The sub title shows that the album is about red. It says 'The Red Album' this shows why all the album is red.
The representation of this album cover is aimed at young males that like rap music. This artist could be showing his lifestyle or how he dresses. This is proberly 15 and above because of the language involved in some of the songs.

The artist is wearing them clothes because this is what rap artists wear, this is how you can tell what genre it is.

2. We had to make a front and back album cover in photoshop. All conventions must be added. Firsty we had a sheet which tought us what we needed on our albums. Secondly we had to create what our album covers would look like on a template that was made for us. After we had started to begin our photoshop had to take pictures and have someone in the class as your artist on the cover. I had to learn about all the tools on photoshop because I had never used it before. I had to restart my design half way through because I lost all my work.

3. For my cover design I took a picture of one of the other students in my oiclass he was facing the camera with his fists up. He was in a hoddie with the hod up and looking at the camera, This is showing direct address because then he is looking at the customer when he buys the CD. My backgroud is a rough image in london. This is to show the genre of the album is hip hop.

4. I used many skills when I was creating my album cover. Firstly I had to add the background and then change the size of it. Secondly I had to add the image of Ronan and change the capacity to lower because then you can see the background through the image aswell. My title I added a drop shadow so that it would stand out more from the image. Above Ronans head it says who it is, with that text I bended it round so it bends at the top on Ronans head, This also has a drop shadow.

5. On my back cover I used the same image as my front cover, I done less detail on it as the front cover. I had to large the image that I used to stretch it on the back cover. I added a barcode in the bottom corner so people can purchase my album. I added text to tell everyone what the name of my songs where, I turned the capacity down on it so that you can see the background image aswell. I then added the copyright sign aswell so that no one can copy my design or songs.

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