Thursday, 27 February 2014

magazine cover

www- The variety of colors used in the cover of my magazine.

www- a variety of fonts used on the cover.

www- good use of cover lines all around different topics.

Ebi- the image blended in a bit more.

Ebi- could name the model so people know who she is.

Ebi- add a selling line on the cover so it is more detailed.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Three magazines

                            According to the wheel this magazine is about love and inner peace.
However as you can see this magazine is showing the best footballer in the world and is about football not love or peace.
This magazine has a purple backround and many cover lines talking about things such as sex. This tells us that it is aimed at women. Furthermore the title of the magazine and the celebrits dress are lighter colour balancing the colours.

This magazine uses colours red, yellow, white and many shades of blue. Red aswell as blue this colour is very masculine to draw the attention of men. The red is also used to show stamina and physical energy. Blue - Blue is used in many different shades the light blue is a soothing, calm blue. But the darker blue gives a thick, bold look which makes the viewer see it initially, before anything else. Again in this magazine the background is a poring, plain colour, this is over used in magazines to make the more important ideas stand out. Yellow - Yellow is used here to highlight very few bits of text, this colour is used because it is bright and stands out.